PolyPIÙ Products

Our products are our core. We dream them, design them, perfect them to meet the specific needs of our  clients and manufacture them.

 Modular polycarbonate systems are our business and our goal is to satisfy each and every requirement of our clients.

 PolyPiu explores and invests in new technologies to ameliorate our products and provide our clients with a better solutions.

Our ever-expanding range of products currently includes 78 solutions for roofing and 19 solutions for facades.



About Us

About PolyPIU




PolyPiu Australia is a young and dynamic company, backed by PolyPiu Italy, a company with over 30 years of experience in supplying products to the industrial and civil construction industry

PolyPiu constantly looks for innovative solutions which is demonstrated through the constant creation of new industry leading products, a reference point for quality.


Along with our products, customer service and customer satisfaction represent the focus for our company PolyPiu is a dependable choice, an ideal partner, capable, keen to discuss and research options, act as a technological advisor and to build a dynamic partnership with its customers.

Established in Italy over 30 years ago in the Polycarbonate manufacturing  industry PolyPiu has now a worldwide distribution channels thanks to well established partnerships.


PolyPiu Australia is one of the latest expansion strategies that the PolyPiu group has committed to.


Manufacturing of multiwall and solid polycarbonate sheets, panels and systems for the industrial, public and civil buildings is what PolyPiu does best and we are striving to become a worldwide market leader.